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Volume: 5
Issue: 03
Date: 20-Mar-97

Table of Contents:

I.    LYMENET: Editors Respond To Reader Concerns Regarding
      Newsletter Content
II.   LYMENET: NJ Bill Proposing LD Management on Governor's Desk
III.  LYMENET: NJ Lyme Case Lost On Technicality
IV.   LYMENET: New Burrascano and Fallon Video Available
V.    About The LymeNet Newsletter


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IDX#                Volume 5 / Number 03 / 20-MAR-97
IDX#                            INDEX
IDX#  I.    LYMENET: Editors Respond To Reader Concerns Regarding
IDX#        Newsletter Content
IDX#  II.   LYMENET: NJ Bill Proposing LD Management on Governor's Desk
IDX#  III.  LYMENET: NJ Lyme Case Lost On Technicality
IDX#  IV.   LYMENET: New Burrascano and Fallon Video Available
IDX#  V.    About The LymeNet Newsletter

I.    LYMENET: Editors Respond To Reader Concerns Regarding
     Newsletter Content
Sender: The Editors

In LymeNet Newsletter vol#5 #02, we published an announcement
detailing the availability of a new Web site containing the
recommendations of the European Concerted Action on Lyme.  The
information presented on this site can be seen as "conservative"
with respect to their position on diagnosis and treatment.
The diagnostic criteria are highly stringent and treatment options
seem to reflect the literature 15 years ago.

The reader response to the inclusion of this piece was swift and
harsh.  The consensus of the letters was clear: The ECAL URL should
not have been included in the Newsletter.  Even though each reader
expressed their overall satisfaction with our publication, the ECAL
piece was deemed not worthy of publication.  We were urged never to
return to the Dark Side.

In light of this response, it seems appropriate to review the
objectives of the LymeNet Newsletter.  When our first issue was
published in 1993, we strived to circulate information that challenged
the conventional wisdom.  New research was being performed that
disputed long held beliefs, and we felt it was imperative to ensure
physicians and decision makers were aware of the changing landscape.

In December 1993, we introduced the National LymeNet System -- our
first version of an on-line information source for the general public.
At the time, the system had limited reach since few has ever heard of
the Internet.  Current technology limited the implementation of our
vision.  When the Web propelled the Net to stardom, we introduced the
LymeNet home page to bring a new generation of Internet users to our
information.  Finally, we introduced the LymeNet Search Server several
months ago to allow anyone to search the literature for research
covering their area of interest.  The Search Server treats all works
equally -- from the greatly hyped and televised NEJM pieces to the
efforts of smaller scientists who don't have the media spotlight.

Our endorsement and publication of the Burrascano Diagnosis and
Treatment Guidelines firmly places us in the patient camp.  Yet the
LymeNet's advocacy can be described as low key.  We do not "yell"
our opinions with splashy headlines and loud Web pages.  We would
rather point to the literature to justify our positions.  Upon careful
analysis, we feel those who review the information currently available
will eventually agree with us.  We are confident our positions are

As such, we are not threatened by contradictory information.  In the
free market of ideas, the best and most accurate will win in the long
run.  The ECAL can publish anything they want.  When patients and
physicians discover their protocols are not universally effective,
dissention will ensue.

A Newsletter reader wrote to us informing us of the new site.  We
felt it was relevant and individuals concerned with LD should know
of its existence.  We do not endorse the site.  We will probably never
endorse the site and we don't publish it's URL on our Web server.

One of the principals of debating can be summarized as such: "You will
never understand your own argument unless you understand your
opponent's."  We will continue publishing material that we expect will
be useful to our readers. We may also publish some material presenting
differing opinions.  Not everyone will agree with every issue of the
Newsletter.  We accept that.


II.   LYMENET: NJ Bill Proposing LD Management on Governor's Desk
Sender: [email protected], [email protected] & [email protected]

Attention anyone living in New Jersey:
Three weeks ago the NJ State Senate and Assembly unanimously passed
Bill S560 Vector Control Bill "An Act Concerning the Management of
Lyme Disease and Other Tick Borne Illnesses"... Governor Whitman has
30 days to sign this bill and she has yet to do this.. nothing but
good will come from this bill in terms of prevention and further
understanding of Lyme and Lyme like diseases.... if Whitman does not
sign this, it is "pocket vetoed" and goes away....Please call the
Governors Office at 609-292-6000 and ask that she sign this bill!


III.  LYMENET: NJ Lyme Case Lost On Technicality
Sender: Ira Maurer <[email protected]>
Date: March 10, 1997

I'm sorry to report a bad outcome in my trial in New Jersey.  The
Little Egg Harbor Board of Education got off on a technicality.  
There is a law on the books to protect municipalities, etc. from
having to pay out alot in damages.  The law says that a case seeking
damages for pain and suffering must be dismissed if there isn't
evidence that the plaintiff has suffered a "permanent injury".  
Dr. Pietrucha refused to state Tara Millar's Lyme condition was
permanent in spite of the fact that Tara has had Lyme for almost 5
years and is sliding backwards only 4 months after completing a 4
month course of daily I.V. Claforan.

The Medical Malpractice claim was principally against Dr. William
Glenn of Tuckerton.  Mrs. Millar testified that on 6/5/92, she called
Dr. Glenn's office and reported having removed an engorged, embedded
tick from her daughter's hip the previous night.  She was told there
was no point in bringing Tara in to see the doctor since she had no
symptoms.  Mrs. Millar insisted on getting an appointment and was
scheduled to bring Tara in 6 weeks later for an ELISA and CBC.  
Mrs. Millar says that at her request, Dr. Glenn called her back that
same day and talked her out of the appointment for testing in 6
weeks and just told her to look out for "flu like" symptoms.

Mrs. Millar says she called the doctor 5 days later and reported that
Tara had headaches and said she wanted to bring Tara in out of
concern for Lyme Disease.  Mrs. Millar claimed the doctor said it
wasn't Lyme related and no need to come in.  Tara continued to have
different symptoms on and off for the next 6 weeks and then started
getting sicker in early 8/92.  Mrs. Millar says she called the doctor
and reported the new symptoms and was still told it wasn't Lyme
related.  The doctor finally saw Tara in early 9/92 and diagnosed
allergic rhinitis and Rxd. a decongestant and an antihistimine,
followed by an rx. for Augmentin (Amoxycillin family) for a sinus
infection and a subsequent viral upper respiratory infection.

The doctor's chart for Tara had nothing in it about any of the phone
calls Mrs. Millar claims she had with the doctor.  This failure to
note the reported tick bite constituted a deviation from the doctor's
standard office procedures according to a long time employee of the
doctor.  The doctor denied that any phone calls were received from
Mrs. Millar and denied that his office practice would have caused a
phone call reporting the removal of an embedded, engorged tick, if
there were no symptoms.

The case seemed to turn on the fact that Mrs. Millar didn't take Tara
to see another doctor with regard to her concerns about Lyme disease
from 6/5/92 until 10/23/92.  Mrs. Millar said she trusted the doctor
and wanted to believe what he was telling her -- that it wasn't Lyme.  
The jury couldn't accept that Mrs. Millar wouldn't have taken Tara
elsewhere if everything she said was true.

As an aside, Dr. Glenn's attorney did not put Dr. Leonard Sigal on
the Stand, leaving me all dressed up with no place to go!  Maybe next
time.  Good health to all.


IV.   LYMENET: New Burrascano and Fallon Video Available
Sender: Lyme Disease Update <[email protected]>

Videotapes For Physicians, Health Professionals, & The General Public

Most Recent Lecture (112 min.) Of Dr. Joseph J. Burrascano
Internationally Recognized Lyme Disease Expert
Medical Advisor To L.D. Foundation
Published In The 1997 Conn's Current Therapy
 Myths & Misinformation About L.D.
 Diagnostic Criteria For L.D.
 Lab Tests (Sero, PCR's, LUAT)
 Chronic L.D. Vs. Post-Lyme Syndrome
 Seronegativity Among Lyme Patients
 L. D., Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, MS, & Candida
 Neuropsychiatric & Arthritic Aspects
 New & Effective Treatments For Early & Late-Stage L.D.
 Pregnancy & L.D.

Second Video Tape

Most Recent Lecture (87 min.) Of Dr. Brian A. Fallon
Expert On The Neuropsychiatry Of Lyme Disease
Professor Of Psychiatry At Columbia University
Director Of The Lyme Disease Program At New York State Psychiatric
 Neuropsychiatric Lyme Disease:
 Microbes, Mood, & Politics

Videotapes are $19.95 each plus $3 priority postage for one and/or two
tapes. Proceeds are donated to Lyme education and research. We
encourage others to post this video tape information for others to
read.  L.D.U. office phone number is 618-382-7777.
Mail your check to Lyme Disease Update, 2050 County Road 700 E, Mill
Shoals, IL 62862


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